Introduction to the quiz bot

(Autogenerated transcript)

 Alright, so the next thing that we are going to take a look at is the quiz bot and I'll use this to explain how the conditional equations work in CX, okay, that is the conditional references. What the quiz bot allows you to do is it's going to ask the user some questions. So here it's asking which of these is used to keep track of what happened within a conversation and let me give an answer. So this is the correct answer, so it says correct and then which of these is used to tune the accuracy of your Dialogflow agent. Let's say I choose the wrong answer, then it's going to say incorrect, the correct answer is and then followed by whatever the answer is supposed to be. And then when your Dialogflow bot cannot understand what the user said, what will be the first choice? Let's say if I choose the wrong answer, it says incorrect, the correct answer is blah blah, thanks for taking the quiz and then it also gives the user an option to start over, okay. So the first thing you have to notice in this bot is that whether or not the user answered correctly, it is still going

 to go to the next question, right, so that is clear. And based on whether the user gave the correct or incorrect answer, it's going to give immediate feedback about whether or not the question was, the answer was right. And finally, one of the things that this bot is lacking is a score, it doesn't display a score to the user and the reason for that is that in Dialogflow ES, by the way, I haven't mentioned that, but this bot was built with ES, in Dialogflow ES, there is no way to calculate a score for a quiz like this without calling the webhook, okay. And this particular example is not hooked up to a webhook, so it's just giving you at the end of the quiz, it just asks three questions and then it just says thanks for taking the quiz and gives the user an option to start over. So what we will do is we will try to build the same bot or something very similar and also calculate the score.

 And the best part about CX is that you can actually calculate the score without having to call the webhook. Now, I just want to make something clear, it's possible in this particular scenario. I'm not saying that any kind of complex bot can be built in CX without using a webhook, but this logic is simple enough that you can actually build a bot in Dialogflow CX, all of it inside the console and you can still get the bot to display a score at the end and I'm going to show you how in the next few lessons.