Can you build this bot in Dialogflow ES?

(Autogenerated transcript)

 Alright, so recently I got a message, rather an email from one of my students who's already in the courses and he was asking if it's a good idea to use Dialogflow CX for a particular type of flow and the flow that he was interested in actually goes like this. So the first thing is that you have the bot asking for the user's name and the user could say one of three different types of responses. They could say my name is Alex here which is the first name or they could say my last name is Gonzales or they could say my full name is Alex Gonzales. So that's like three different variants where they either give the just the first name or just the last name or the full name which includes both the first and the last name. And if they provide the first name we are going to prompt them for their last name. If they provide the last name we are going to prompt them for their first name and if

 they provide the full name we will just move on to the next step in the conversation. So here for example if this phrase is my name is Alex the first one which is it's going to say pressure to meet you and your last name and then if it was the second one it will say and can I have your first name please and then for the third case it's just going to say thank you for providing your full name what's the best phone number to reach you. Alright so the question that the student had was should I use Dialogflow CX for building a bot like this. Now you have actually in my view you have three ways to do this. The first is you use Dialogflow ES the original version of Dialogflow Essentials and you use slot filling. Now actually it's a really bad idea to use slot filling for a flow like this and I'm not going to go over all the reasons but I have actually written about it in many different

 places and you can go and take a look at my website but the key thing is that when certain type of entities are used like names when Dialogflow can't identify it it will go into an infinite loop and yes you can cancel it it's not actually an infinite loop but it's just too hard to design your conversation around slot filling for a use case like this. Alright so the next possibility is use Dialogflow Essentials and don't use slot filling but just use you know conversation regular conversation flow where you have like many intents to you know handle these different scenarios and then the third option is to use Dialogflow CX. Now the way this the student asked me this question was whether it's even possible to design a flow like this using Dialogflow Ess and I mentioned that yes it's easily possible

 it's not it's not very hard to design a flow like this and that's exactly what I'm going to do in the next video.