A tip for building complex flows in Zoho SalesIQ code less bot builder

I have a SalesIQ code less bot on my website at the moment, and here is what the flowchart looks like. As you can see, it is quite complex.

If you try to rearrange this flow and need to use the scissor to cut one of the connectors, you will see that the code less bot builder takes all the blocks downstream and places them right at the bottom of the screen.

For example, let us cut the flow at the point marked.

And the code less bot builder will take all the downstream blocks (of where you cut using the scissor tool) and move them to the absolute bottom of the canvas.

But what if you had cut the wrong connector? (that is, you want to do an “Undo” operation, which isn’t supported as of this writing).

Or what if you want to insert exactly one block in the place where you cut?

Normally, you would have to move all these blocks close to the place where you cut. And then you need to carefully reconnect. Once you start building more complex flows, you know that this is actually pretty tricky to do.

But there is actually a simpler way.

Here is the tip:

Name all your blocks as soon as you create them

This of course has the usual benefit of making your overall process more organized.

But you can do one more thing. You can use the Go to block to reconnect, and use the name of the block to search.

Let us take a look at how to do this.

First, we will add a new block at the cut location.

In the Go To block, you can search blocks by name.

Obviously, if you never name the blocks, it is much harder to do this search.

By the way, the Go to card is primarily intended for the use case where you go backwards in the flowchart. But it serves our purpose for this use case too.

Once I click on the save, notice that the code less bot builder automatically moves all the blocks at the bottom of the canvas back to their original position.