How to get this course for free (until 15th Oct 2023)


If you have already purchased my Learn Dialogflow CX course, you can get the "Generative Dialogflow CX" course for free by providing a testimonial for the "Learn Dialogflow CX" course by 15th October 2023.

If you have not, read this article to see how you can purchase the "Learn Dialogflow CX" course for a discount.

On the bottom of this site, there is a demo Generative Dialogflow CX chatbot.

First select the option “Choose between GPT vs Dialogflow ES vs CX”

1 Tell the bot about the chatbot you are trying to build

2 The bot will suggest one of the following – Dialogflow ES, Dialogflow CX or GPT API – using Generative AI (based on a prompt I have already constructed)

3 Send me a screenshot of the bot’s reply using the form below. E.g.

4 I will send you a 50% off discount for the Learn Dialogflow CX course

5 Provide a testimonial for the Learn Dialogflow CX course by 15th Oct 2023, and I will enroll you into this course (“Generative Dialogflow CX”) for free