Getting started with Generative AI in Dialogflow CX

In this tutorial I explain how to get started with Generative AI in Dialogflow CX.

I recently built a demo bot which allows you to describe what your bot will do, and the demo bot will recommend one of the following: Dialogflow ES, Dialogflow CX, GPT API and spaCy

So I will describe how I built this bot.

First, create an empty bot in Dialogflow CX.

Choose the event handler.

This is like the Default Fallback Intent in Dialogflow ES, and it will fire if the demo bot cannot match any intent route to what the user said.

Since we don’t have any intent transition routes in the bot yet, this means the will fire for every single user utterance (except for the welcome training phrases).

So let us go into this event handler and add some stuff.

This is the definition of the fallback generator:

You should provide a name for the generator’s output, and then use the same name in your agent’s response.

Now test it in the simulator.