Add video chapters using GPT4 API

[00:00:00] Highlight of the Process: Generating Subheadings

While the stuff that you have seen till now is already pretty good, the next step is probably the highlight of this whole process. So, what you can also do is you can take this formatted transcript and you can ask GPT-4 API to generate subheadings for the formatted transcript.

[00:00:21] Demonstration of GPT-4 API’s Capabilities

So, I’m going to just show you the output of what happens when I take the formatted transcript from the previous step and I send it to the GPT-4 API. I prompt it to add subheadings and you can see that it’s not only created subheadings, they are actually very good. It organizes all the text into logical sections and then comes up with suitable titles for that section, right, that’s what the subheadings are.

[00:00:52] Benefits of Using Subheadings

You can see that it took the raw transcript and it’s added like four or five of these subheadings. When I take a look at these, I’ll say that the quality of these subheadings is really good. So, and of course, these subheadings also take this transcript that you have, the video transcript, and they just make it much more readable. It’s easy to skim, it’s organized into small topics which makes it easy to find. If you are looking for something, you can find it more easily.

[00:01:22] Comparison with Previous Step

If you just compare it with the previous step, this is what you have, right, it’s just like a big block of text. Now, you can put artificial paragraphs into this text to make it look a bit more readable and it will make it more readable. But logically organizing it into subheadings like this and paragraphs like this is actually much better.

[00:01:48] GPT-4 vs Other Language Models

So, this is a place where GPT-4 really shines. Now, there are other language models like Palm II from Google which can also do something similar but what I’ve seen is that at the moment the GPT-4 API is just far ahead of Palm II. I’ll also add that because Google has access to YouTube and all the video content and so many people creating chapters for those videos, I think that Google will be able to improve their Palm offering. Maybe Palm version 3 will be doing a much better job of this kind of stuff.

[00:02:32] Conclusion: GPT-4’s Superiority in Task

But as of November 2023, when I’m doing this recording, I’ll say that GPT-4 is just far ahead of all the other large language models when it comes to this particular task. So, the fourth step is to use the GPT-4 API and generate subheadings for the formatted transcript.

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