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What is Zoho SalesIQ?

This video refers to v1 of Zoho SalesIQ. There are now 7 types of chatbots in Zoho SalesIQ v2.

(Autogenerated Transcript with minor edits)

[ 00:00] all right so let’s start by first defining what SalesIQ means so Zoho SalesIQ. As you can see in the documentation it says that. It ‘s an online live chat visitor tracking and analytics rolled into one platform. So what it means is that when you get started you will be getting some javascript code that. You can add to your website and. As soon as you add it you will be able to see a live chat widget pop up on the bottom of the web page [00:30].

And this is just standard stuff this is exactly how the live chat software usually works. And that is how you would get started with the Zoho SalesIQ. And I am saying get started because. If you’re watching this course you probably want to do more than just live chat you’re probably interested in adding a chat bot into the live chat widget. So the SalesIQ is the starting point. And the just with SalesIQ. What you can do ⌛[01:00] is.

You can get some javascript add it to your website and have a live chat ready to go