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What is SalesIQ Script?

(Autogenerated Transcript with minor edits)

[ 00:00] so what is SalesIQ script. You can see that it is mentioned as. One of the five different platforms that can be used in Zobot now I am not sure I like this word platform because. It is applicable to so many different things which do so many different tasks that. It ‘s sort of like an all-encompassing term which ultimately doesn’t mean much. So it’s probably easier to see it in action and understand [00:30] or what it actually refers to.

So let’s go to the definition page of the SalesIQ script itself here it says that the script is a bot building platform that uses deluge or data enrich language for universal grid environment as its online scripting language. I’m not sure if that was particularly helpful. But what is easier is if you were to actually go to a code sample. So here they show how. You can use the SalesIQ script ⌛[01:00] to effectively.

This is a bot message handler in other words user will type a message

And the bot should come back with some kind of a response. And you can see that you have this sample code over here. And you can see that it’s written in. I think it looks a bit like javascript. So there is this response equals map initialization at the top. And then you put something called an action. And then there’s this current page url variable [01:30] and then it says if current page url equals recharge then.

You can see that there’s a reply coming back from the bot. And then there’s the it’s added to the response. And then you finally return this response and I suppose that. If you do this properly the Zobot rather the Zoho integration or these I guess the live chat widget integration with the sales cycle script will read whatever is contained inside this response object. And then it will display an ⌛[02:00] appropriate message into the chat widget right so.

This is an example of using the SalesIQ script to add some information into the live chat widget

And that is where you use SalesIQ script so. As you can see to be able to use the SalesIQ script obviously. You need to have some programmer who is going to be writing all this code.