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What are Zobot webhooks?

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[ 00:00] all right so what are Zobot web hooks so the. One of the things that you’ll notice as you’re looking at this help menu on the left side in. In the SalesIQ page you’ll see that. There are all these integrations that Zobot already uses sales cycle scripts Dialogflow Zia skills Watson Assistant and Microsoft Azure now what. If you want to integrate your live chat widget with something [00:30] which is not supported here a good example of.

That would be the RASA NLU open source bot building framework. And of course. You can see that out of the box or at least as of this recording which is happening in july 2020 we. There is no support for RASA NLU directly from the Zobot. So in that case what you can do is. You can use these web hooks and what they allow you to do is you know in the. It ‘s pretty much the way ⌛[01:00] web hooks work in general you will have.

To provide a specific url which is supposed to receive all the messages from the live chat widget

When the user types it in other words the user types a message. And that message is sent from Zoho to the webhook that you register. And then Zoho and Zobot exposes a different url to where you send the response from your webhook code.