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(Autogenerated Transcript with minor edits)

[ 00:00] okay so what are Zia skills this is. The other thing that is mentioned in the Zobot definition. You can see that it says Zobot can be scripted using five different platforms and one of them happens to be Zia skills now. I’m going to go to the definition page for Zia skills and it says that Zia is a conversational board building assistant. And you might be thinking well that sounds a lot like Dialogflow. And in fact it goes on to say the skills platform uses the natural [00:30] language understanding to process and perform your decide skills and actions to respond to the visitor queries.

So what we can go what we can do is. We can also go and take a look at an example. So this is more documentation on the Zia skills section. And it talks about how to create a new skill in Zia skills platform. You can think of a skill as. In the same way you think of an intent in Dialogflow. And when you scroll down you will actually see that it talks about āŒ›[01:00] creating a new action.

And you can also see that it can answer a question or perform an operation which

Of course this performance operation makes it very different from Dialogflow because here. This is unique to the live chat systems right. And then in the section where there’s more details. You can see that when you select answer a question. And then it has this thing where it says how can this question be asked and the first example is. What are the discount plans you have [01:30].

And then you have this watch the answer but also notice that there are these other options. What are the other ways to invoke this question. And you can see that there are other phrases discounts and offers what this comes to offer what products are there on discount. And you might notice that that looks a lot like the training phrases that you have inside a Dialogflow intent now. There is also if you scroll down the page you will actually see that. There is even more interesting stuff like āŒ›[02:00] extracting parameters which.

Of course looks a lot like entity extraction and Dialogflow

And there is also a little bit of information about the context handler function now the context handlers in Zia skills work very differently we will be looking at it maybe. In the future video but the the point I’m making is that. There is still this concept of the context and handling a context in Zia skills also so Zia skills is [02:30] effectively .

You can think of it as Zoho’s version of Dialogflow. It ‘s a visual dialog builder which. You can use and it should be well integrated with the SalesIQ live chat widget as you might expect. Because it’s coming from the same company. And that’s basically. What you can do using Zia skills platform.