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This video refers to v1 of Zoho SalesIQ. There are now 7 types of chatbots in Zoho SalesIQ v2.

(Autogenerated Transcript with minor edits)

[ 00:00] all right so now that we have installed the live chat widget on our website. Let ‘s take a look at the different customizations that we can do. So the first thing that I want you to notice is that Zoho has they have divided the two options or the two settings into widget options and chat window options and actually it makes. There is some important reasons why. You have to understand these things because. If you go to the widget appearance [00:30].

You can actually see that you can change the color of the widget. So let’s say that I go for this color and I update it. And let’s just go back to our chat widget here and open it so now. You can see that this is in the color that we just chose. But if I were to click on it notice that it goes back to the default color which means that the color of the widget. And the color of the chat window ⌛[01:00] they do not match.

And of course we do want them to match

But that’s also why you have to understand that they have split the settings into the widget settings. And the chat window settings because otherwise. It ‘s possible that you might be confused as to why you change the color but this color did not change. And the reason for that is because they split the settings between the widget settings. And the live chat settings so the widget settings is what you see when. It ‘s in the collapsed [01:30] state and the live chat settings is what you see when it is in the expanded state.