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How to send rich response from Python webhook to Dialogflow Messenger

In this post I will explain how to send rich responses from your webhook code to Dialogflow Messenger.

How to use Dialogflow Messenger user-id

The user-id is one of the attributes you can use in Dialogflow Messenger HTML customization. In this tutorial, I will explain how it works.

How to use the Dialogflow Messenger df-response-received event

“Hi, thanks for sharing this video! i have a question: – how i use Events JavaScript from dialogflow messenger (df-request-sent & df-response-received)”

How to build better Dialogflow Messenger bots using these four obscure features

In this article, I will show you 4 features in Dialogflow Messenger which are somewhat obscure – in the sense that many people use the Dialogflow Messenger integration without really learning about them.

Customizing the CSS of Dialogflow Messenger by manipulating the shadow DOM

I get this type of question quite often on my YouTube channel. Someone wants to customize the look and feel of the Dialogflow Messenger more than what is currently supported (which isn’t a lot).

How to send rich responses from webhook to Dialogflow Messenger

I have added rich responses code in my dialogflow fulfillment. but when i am testing with dialogflow messanger integration, it is not diaplaying any images, cards on dialogflow messanger. Can you tell me what version i need to use?