Multiple messages per conversation turn

(Autogenerated transcript)

 Another feature which is missing from the one-click web demo integration is the ability to show multiple messages from the bot in a single conversation term. So what I mean by that is if you were to have a one-click web demo and let's just open this to, alright, so you see that it actually shows this message welcome to the new and improved Dialogflow Messenger. Now what if I wanted to show an additional message and have that show below this one and that is before the user types anything. That is I want to have two or more messages show up in sequence but not in the same chat bubble. They have to be in two unique bubbles and I wanted to do that in the one-click web demo integration. It wasn't possible. Even though Dialogflow has the, let's say the capability you can add responses here and let's say what I'm going to do now is I'm going to say the text response and say

 I can show you different types of Dialogflow Messenger responses. Whereas the bot can display different types of rich responses and that's what it's trying to show. That's kind of the hint that it's providing over here and now let's say that I refresh this page. Now when you click on this, notice that it actually shows both of these messages next to each other. That is back to back. It says welcome to the new improved and then it says I can show you different types of Dialogflow Messenger responses. The idea is that after that the user should be able to say show me this type of response or show me that type of response and it is going to show an example of that. So the point is even though this multiple text response blocks was already there in

 Dialogflow, the Dialogflow itself was capable of supporting multiple responses per conversation turn of the bot, the one click web demo integration did not permit people to do that. So if you had an extra text response block, it would just be ignored by the one click web demo integration. Now that we have added this, that is now that this feature is available in the Dialogflow Messenger, it's obviously made things far easier for people who are developing these type of chatbots.