HTML Customizations – Required Attributes

(Autogenerated transcript)

 So when people are creating website chatbots, one of the important requirements that they need is an ability to skin the look and feel. That is they want to have a way to customize the appearance of the chat widget and Dialogflow Messenger provides a couple of options to do that. It provides some HTML based customizations and also some CSS based customizations. So let us first look at the HTML customizations and what you notice is that in the HTML snippet that you add to the code like when you go back to the WebStorm you see that you can see this tag the df messenger tag and you see that it has these four attributes. Now if you look at the documentation it makes it clear that the agent id, the chat title and the language code are all required parameters. So what I am going to do now is I am just going to go back to the snippet and I am going

 to remove everything except the agent id just to show you what happens when you do that like what how well does Dialogflow handle these situations. So let us go ahead and remove these and I am going to save this. So when you open this that is when you go to that page the first thing you notice is that there is no welcome message because we removed the attribute which is sort of indicating the intent which should fire so we do not have that and if I open the page you notice that it has replaced the chat title with a default chat text it just has some default web page called chat and also the important thing is that if I were to try to interact with the bot you notice that it says something went wrong please try again and this is because

 it does not have all the required parameters that it needs. So let us go back here and of course the agent id is already there so what we are going to do now is we are just going to put the language code back into this bot save it and let us try and open it and see what happens now so I am going to open this here and I am going to say hi. Now you can see that it did come back with the default welcome message now it did not show the prompt which is what it showed before before we even started interacting but the bot itself seems to work so as you can see it does provide this chat as the default text but otherwise it is working quite okay so if you go back and look at the code you see that the only two absolutely mandatory parameters are the agent id and the language code.

 So now let us go back to the documentation you can see that the chat title it says it is required but I think that it just keeps it automatically generates it in case it is not able to find it in the html attribute. Now if you were to provide your own chat title so here if I were to say chat title equals my bot and save it and open it you can see that my bot comes as the chat title over here. So my point is that the chat title which you have as the attribute overwrites the name of the bot that you have in your Dialogflow console so this is what will actually show on the page if you have added it as an attribute. So that is what we have when it comes to the required parameters in this html tag that

 we have for showing the chat widget.