Dialogflow ES vs Dialogflow CX

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This course is a supplement to the Learn Dialogflow CX course and provides an overview of ES vs CX.

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Dialogflow CX vs Dialogflow ES Feature Comparison

Dialogflow CX is much more powerful than Dialogflow ES if you would like to design multi-turn conversation flows. This is possible because Dialogflow CX has been designed from the ground up to design your conversation flow as a state machine. In fact, I think the word “transition” in the phrase Intent Transition Route is borrowed from the idea of state transitions, which is common terminology when describing state machines. For example, suppose you want to use slot filling.
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Dialogflow CX Messenger vs Legacy Dialogflow ES Messenger

Dialogflow has recently released a new version of the Dialogflow Messenger integration which allows you to add a CX chatbot to your website. I will call this Dialogflow CX Messenger, while I will refer to the previous version as Dialogflow ES Messenger. Note: these are both terms that I have come up with to distinguish between the two. I don’t think the Dialogflow team uses the same terminology. I explain the differences between Dialogflow CX Messenger and the Legacy Dialogflow ES Messenger here.
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Why I chose Zoho SalesIQ for my CX website chatbot

I have added a demo CX chatbot to my website, and I used Zoho SalesIQ instead of the built-in Dialogflow CX Messenger integration. Here are some of the reasons: Chat Prompt The first reason is that this allows me to add a chat prompt without calling the Dialogflow CX API. Since you pay per API request, if you use Dialogflow CX custom event to initiate the conversation, you will be charged based on the total number of pageviews your website gets.
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The easiest way to migrate your Dialogflow ES bot to Dialogflow CX

I recently migrated a Dialogflow ES bot on my website to Dialogflow CX. You can interact with the CX bot – it is the demo bot on my website at the moment. I also checked out the migration guide from Google, and noticed that a) it would be too hard for non-programmers b) even for programmers, it would be a black-box migration. That is, if you use the migration tool, you will end up with an incomplete migration, but the process would be so black-box that you might not be able to fill in the gaps on your own
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When should you migrate your ES bot to CX?

Here are some tips to help you decide if you should migrate your ES bot to CX. The feature is implemented poorly in ES Dialogflow ES has a Mega-Agent feature but it is quite poorly implemented. You might be better off using multiple Flows in Dialogflow CX in case you need some similar functionality. Similarly, the new Dialogflow CX Messenger is a lot better than the legacy Dialogflow ES Messenger. If you are creating a website chatbot, CX would be a good choice.