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Recommended No Code Tools to accelerate Dialogflow bot development

Since Dialogflow is one of the best low code tools for creating NLU powered chatbots, I expect that a lot of people who are visiting this website are makers who prefer low and no code solutions. So I have listed some no code tools which can accelerate the development of your Dialogflow chatbot.

3 ways Airtable can speed up your Dialogflow prototype development

If you are building a Dialogflow prototype, there is a tool which can provide a tremendous boost to the speed at which you can create and manage your bot.The tool is called Airtable – which is like a combination of a spreadsheet and a database, and is easy to use for technical non-programmers.┬áIn this article, I am going to talk about how Airtable can speed up your Dialogflow prototype development workflow.

Airtable vs Google Sheets: which is a better database for Dialogflow?

While I am using Google Sheets as the primary example here, nearly everything I mention is equally applicable to Microsoft Office/Microsoft Excel REST APIs. Since people are often using Google Sheets to store their data, it would be very convenient to use Google Sheets itself as the backend for their Dialogflow bot. But I would recommend people use Airtable over a spreadsheet app.