Avoid these 4 Dialogflow ES features

I recommend that people who build Dialogflow ES bots avoid these four features.

Slot filling

The slot filling feature makes for a really good demo, and also is a very good way to get familiar with Dialogflow for the first day or two.

But it is not a good idea to use slot filling to build your ES bot.

Why I avoid slot filling

However, slot filling in Dialogflow CX works quite well and I recommend people use it in CX when it makes sense.

Default context lifespan

When you create an output context in Dialogflow, it automatically assigns a context lifespan of 5 as the default value.

I recommend changing this value to 1 so as to minimize the candidate intents at each step of the conversation.

Knowledge Connector

While the knowledge connector is actually a fairly nice idea, in practice, it has too many limitations.

You can get around a lot of these limitations by simply building an intent based FAQ bot which provides the same set of features.

Why I avoid the Knowledge Connector feature

Mega Agent

When they were first released, Mega Agents were expected to fix the problem of a Dialogflow ES bot with “too many intents”.

Again, in practice, Mega Agents were not able to handle these scenarios all that well. I do not recommend using that feature.

Interestingly, you can avoid all these issues in Dialogflow CX. However, CX has a steeper learning curve and is also more expensive to use than ES.