How to export and import Dialogflow ES agent ZIP file

Dialogflow ES provides the option to export your entire Dialogflow ES agent as a ZIP file.

How to Export Dialogflow ES agent

Go to Settings by clicking on the Gear icon next to the name of the agent.

Choose “Export and Import” tab and click on the “Export as ZIP” button to export the agent as a ZIP file.

How to Import Dialogflow ES agent ZIP file

As you can see, you can also use the same tab to import the Dialogflow ES agent ZIP file.

There are two options here:

“Restore from ZIP” will wipe out everything in the current agent and fully overwrite it using the ZIP file

“Import from ZIP” will do a selective import of only the stuff which is different from the current agent.

Since ES has a lot of properties and settings in each intent, usually Import is “safer” (so you don’t accidentally overwrite some setting)

On the other hand, if you want to just fully replicate someone else’s agent (such as the Dialogflow ES Quickstart Templates) the Restore ZIP is the better choice. This way nothing you have already created will interfere with the agent you are importing.

Either way, first backup your ES agent using Export ZIP so you don’t end up losing your work!