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How to Use This Tool
How to use this tool?

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Why do I need this tool?

This tool allows you to bulk upload intents for Dialogflow ES.

You can type all your intent phrases into a spreadsheet, export it to CSV format, and use this tool to convert the CSV file into a Dialogflow ES agent ZIP file with a single button click.

Then you can restore the agent ZIP file into your Dialogflow ES console.

Do I need the 2 column, 4 column or 10 Column CSV file?

The 2 Column CSV file is the simplest format, but only supports one training phrase and one response per intent.

The 4 Column CSV file supports multiple training phrases and multiple responses per intent.

The 10 Column CSV file is for advanced use and also supports input and output contexts, and webhook toggle setting, as well as the Action field. You can use it to mimic the followup intent feature.

How to create the CSV file?
  • Sign up for Airtable
  • Go to this Base and click on “Copy Base” to copy all the sample data into your Airtable account
  • Make changes to the appropriate table, and click on Download CSV file
  • Use the downloaded CSV file within this tool
This is a demo tool which selects a random number N between 1 and 9 and converts those N rows at once. If you want to convert your entire CSV file in one button click, you can do that using the full tool.

How to use this tool