Download the first agent ZIP file

Click the button below to download the first agent ZIP file.

Log in to Dialogflow

This is the first step. You should be logged in to do the rest of the steps explained in this tutorial.

Create a new agent

Now create a new Dialogflow ES agent. You can name it whatever you want. I have called mine StepByStepTutorial.

Go to Settings

Now click on the Gear like icon next to the agent name and go to the Settings.

Restore the agent ZIP file you downloaded

Now click on the Import/Export and click on the Restore button.

Select the agent ZIP file you downloaded in the previous step.

Enable the Dialogflow Messenger integration

Now click on the Integrations link on the left pane and then click on Dialogflow Messenger. The Dialogflow Messenger integration allows you to add the chatbot to your website.

You don’t have to actually add the bot to your website to complete this tutorial.

If you are interested in doing that, you can check out the Dialogflow Messenger tutorial. Depending on your HTML skills, you might need to hire a programmer to add the chatbot to your website.

Now enable the Dialogflow Messenger integration.

Interact with the bot inside the Dialogflow Messenger integration

Once you click on Enable, you will see a popup chat widget like below.

Type the following user message:

“what is the color of Jupiter”

You will see a response such as what you see below.

Notice that you can also use slight variations of the same phrase, and you will still get the correct response.

Now change the phrase:

“show me the mass of Earth”

You should see the following response from the bot:

“You asked for the mass of Earth”

Close the preview

Click on the Close link to close the preview and go back to Dialogflow console.