ChatGPT vs Dialogflow CX

Recently OpenAI released ChatGPT, which is actually a very clever chatbot.

And people started comparing it with existing chatbot platforms like Dialogflow.

I have been working with Dialogflow for over 5 years. I will explain my views on this topic in this chapter.

But given that ChatGPT is very clever, I decided to ask it (after all – why not? 🙂 ) whether we can use ChatGPT as a Dialogflow replacement.

TLDR: That’s actually a pretty good answer.

ChatGPT vs Dialogflow

I created a course recently which takes a specific dataset (the Hacker News FAQ page) and compares GPT API and Dialogflow, and it turned out to be a good way to compare ChatGPT and Dialogflow.

Feature Comparison (Dialogflow is much more powerful for certain tasks):

ChatGPT vs Dialogflow Feature Comparison

Dialogflow is sometimes more accurate than ChatGPT:

Comparing the accuracy of ChatGPT and Dialogflow

The use cases of ChatGPT and Dialogflow are very different:

Extractive Question Answering (GPT) vs Intent-based Question Answering (Dialogflow)

Trying to replicate Dialogflow features using ChatGPT (that is, the GPT API) is not a good idea:

“Writing an OpenAI chatbot is hard! 2 months in and still unsuccessful”


ChatGPT tends to hallucinate.

That’s what this person is talking about.

Which leads to another question – is it a good idea to use ChatGPT without some kind of supervision/verification?