How to initiate the conversation in Dialogflow Messenger CX

By Dialogflow Messenger CX, I am referring to using the Dialogflow Messenger integration with Dialogflow CX.

Click here to see how to do it with Dialogflow ES

We start with an empty agent.

Click on the + sign to “Add event handler”

Check the “Custom event” checkbox

Name the custom event

Add the fulfillment response

You need to use the custom event that you just created as part of the HTML attributes when you add the embed code to the page.

First Connect the Dialogflow Messenger integration.

Next, enable the Dialogflow Messenger integration.

Copy the Embed code

Add the embed code into your HTML, and add the custom event as the “intent” attribute

You will see the chat prompt – that is, the bot will initiate the conversation – when a user lands on the web page.