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[00:00] All right as I start I just wanted to

give you a quick demo of the Vendee bot and this one which whatever whatever I have built till now is an even more simplified version of the bot. But I’ve just added it here to show you what we are trying to do. So you can see that there are in this sort of looks a bit like the state diagram that we saw in the slide where it goes from state 0

[00:30] to state 25 to state

50 to state 75 and you can also get to that from the start state and you can see that you know you see these arrows here they are meant to indicate the action of adding a quarter. And you can actually I have built it out a little bit. I just go show you a quick just show you a quick demonstration so if I were to say add a quarter

[01:00] you can see that it just comes back with

. I have added a quarter that means it understood what we are trying to do right then I can say what is my balance and is you can see that it says your balance is 25 cents then I add a quarter again it said. Okay I’ve added a quarter to your balance. And then I ask again what is my balance and now you can see that its ac of

[01:30] balance is for 50 cents

Then I add one more quarter and it says I have added a quarter. And then just asks what is my balance and notice that it says your balances are deficient. No that is all I have you can’t add any more quarters it’s sort of like . It you end the accepting the quarters at this point in your state machine you can build it out to how many other states

[02:00]. You want of course. But

. This is all that we are concerned about because this is a example bought which is supposed to explain how Dialogflow CX works so this is the sort of bot that you can build by using Dialogflow CX and of course I’ll I’ll probably add something here this is a very representational bot in the sense that this is a beautiful state machine bot which actually is a state machine acts like a state

[02:30] machine

in every way. But the important thing that we care about is to understand this concept so that we can adopt it to a conversational agent that you might build where in your case as you are building out your bot in some ways this is you might say that this is a too simplistic a bot to build in the real world scenarios at the same time

[03:00]. I think that getting started by building

a bot like this will also give you a much faster way to understand how Dialogflow CX actually works.

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