Managing large Dialogflow ES Bots



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Course Overview

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This course explains how to build large Dialogflow ES bots. If you have more than 500 training phrases in your bot (excluding the ones which already come with the Default Welcome Intent), I would say your bot is a large one.

In this course I will provide some tips on building and maintaining such bots.

Course Content

  • Knowledge Connector
    • How to create a Knowledge Connector bot based on your WordPress website

    • Why I avoid the Knowledge Connector feature

    • Intent based FAQ Bots vs Knowledge Connector FAQ Bots Summary

  • Bulk Upload Dialogflow Intents
    • Dissecting the Dialogflow agent ZIP file

    • How to build your own FAQ Bot Generator

    • Simple question and answer FAQ chatbot

    • Adding multiple training phrases per intent

    • Adding input and output contexts

    • Adding entities

    • Adding followup intents

    • Adding slot filling

  • Convert FAQ Page into Dialogflow ES Bot
    • Introduction

    • Scraping the FAQ page

    • Convert the CSV files into the 2 Column CSV format

    • Convert an FAQ page into a Dialogflow chatbot

  • Automatically extract Dialogflow intents from chat logs
    • An example dialog dataset

    • What you can infer from the output of Autotrain

    • How to create your Dialogflow agent from the output CSV

  • More tools
    • How to search across a large Dialogflow ES bot

    • How to quickly find the differences between two Dialogflow agent ZIP files

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  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 14, 2024