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Course Overview

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This is a supplementary course for students of the Learn Dialogflow CX course.

The course has answers to questions from students as well as some tutorials which supplement the course material.

Course Content

  • ChatGPT vs Dialogflow CX
    • ChatGPT vs Dialogflow CX

    • Intent Detection

    • Entity extraction

    • State Management

    • A well known limitation of ChatGPT

    • Integrating ChatGPT and Dialogflow

    • Using ChatGPT for a website bot

    • Is it a good idea to use ChatGPT without supervision?

  • More tips
    • Updating Dialogflow CX parameters from webhook

    • How to replicate contexts in Dialogflow CX?

    • Why doesn’t Dialogflow CX support more 1-click integrations?

    • What is the "Tag" field in a Dialogflow CX webhook?

    • Slot filling using webhook in Dialogflow CX

    • Export large Dialogflow ES FAQ bot to Dialogflow CX

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  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 27, 2024