Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial



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Course Overview

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Since Dialogflow CX uses a state machine based approach to building your chatbot, it actually helps to build an actual state machine – the vending machine – using CX as you get started learning the topic.

Once you learn what a state machine is and how to build a simple one using CX, you will find that it is much easier to build more complex bots using Dialogflow CX.

In this course, I explain how to build a vending machine bot using Dialogflow CX.

Course Content

  • Academy Topics
    • What is a state machine?

    • What we are building

    • Initial Demo

    • Terminology

    • Initial View

    • User asks for balance

    • Testing it in the simulator

    • No state transition

    • Add state transition

    • Ask for balance after transition

    • Assignment 1

    • Assignment 2

    • Assignment 3

    • Assignment Hints

  • Lessons 14
  • Skill Beginner
  • Last Update May 14, 2024