Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial

Instead of confusing yourself by jumping head first into state handlers and such, it would be much easier to understand Dialogflow CX by starting with

a) understanding state machines

b) implementing a simple state machine using CX

c) building on top of your existing learning

That’s what we will do in this tutorial.

Dialogflow CX Tutorial (1/14): What is a state machine?

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial (2/14): What we are building

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial (3/14): Initial Demo

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial 4/14: Terminology

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial 5/14: Initial View

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 6/14: User Asks For Balance

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial 7/14: Testing it in the simulator

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 8/14: No state transition

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 9/14: Add state transitions

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 10/14: Ask for balance after transition

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 11/14: Assignment 1

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 12/14: Assignment 2

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 13/14: Assignment 3

Dialogflow CX Beginner Tutorial – 14/14: Assignment Hints

Learn Dialogflow CX


✅ = Sample Lesson 

What we are building

What is a state machine? ✅

What we are building ✅

Initial Demo ✅

Terminology ✅

Bonus Course ✅

Building the Vendee Bot

Initial View ✅

User Asks For Balance ✅

Testing it in the simulator ✅

No state transition ✅

Add state transitions ✅

Ask for balance after transition ✅

Download the agent

Completing the Vendee Bot

Assignment 1: What can I get? ✅

Assignment 2: Buy product ✅

Assignment 3: Return my balance ✅

Assignment Hints ✅

Download the Completed Vendee Bot

CX vs ES: A simple Yes/No Decision Tree Bot

What we are building ✅

Conversation Outline ✅

Initial flowchart ✅

Mindomo flowchart conventions ✅

Translate flowchart to Dialogflow ES intents ✅

Using the BotFlo app to speed up rich response construction ✅

Generating rich response for information card ✅

Implementing Start Over ✅

Dialogflow CX – Initial Routes ✅

Why a flowchart helps even for Dialogflow CX ✅

Complete and test the bot in the simulator ✅

Connect CX Bot with Dialogflow Messenger ✅

A summary of what we learnt till now ✅

The shape of a chatbot ✅

CX vs ES: Get User First and Last Names

Can you build this bot in Dialogflow ES? ✅

Flowchart for the ES Bot ✅

Defining the intents ✅

ES Bot Demo ✅

Extending the name system entity ✅

A note about entity annotation

Building the bot in Dialogflow CX

Testing the bot in the simulator

Pros and Cons of Dialogflow CX for this bot

Understanding scope in Dialogflow CX Part 1

Understanding scope in Dialogflow CX Part 2

Flowcharts and Test Cases

Why ES First ✅

Decision Tree Flowchart

Initial Flow

Some Housekeeping Tips

Building the remaining pages

Identifying test Cases

Naming test cases

Running Test cases

Entities and Parameters

Planets Bot: Introduction ✅

Entity Definitions

Original vs Resolved value

Intent vs Session parameters

Session Parameters Intro

Using session params

Keeping track of session parameters

CX Webhooks using Python

Before you start: Ngrok Tutorial ✅

Handling multiple intents in ES Webhooks

Skeletal Code

Webhook Response Object

ngrok setup

Webhook Request Object

Handling getplanetattribute

Handling changesplanet

Handling changesattribute

Sample Code

A bug in Dialogflow CX webhooks ✅

Reroute conversation flow based on webhook response

Dialogflow CX Slot Filling

What is slot filling? ✅

Defining the slots

Demo of simple slot filling bot

Adding phrase variants


Reprompts with no-match-default

Reprompt to selection

Exiting the slot filling loop on first retry

Exiting the slot filling loop after second retry

Conditional routes with expressions

Introduction to the quiz bot ✅

Start quiz intent

Question 1 Page

Question 2 Page

Question 3 Page

Display Score Page

Scope and the flow start page

Custom Integration using Flask

Flask App Sample Code

Exception Handling

DF Chooser Bot Demo ✅

Download the agent file

Does a flowchart help when creating a Dialogflow CX bot? ✅

Bot Design Part 1

Bot Design Part 2

Bot Design Part 3

Changing conversation topic

CCAI Vaccine Bot Demo ✅

Start Page Routes ✅

Simple FAQ Routes

Eligibility Flow

Eligibility Flow Conflict Part 1

Eligibility Flow Conflict Part 2

Vaccine Location Flow

Vaccine Location Flow – Testing the agent

System Functions

Introduction ✅

The quiz bot ✅

Text response ✅

Conditional response

Custom Payload

Parameter Presets

Condition Routes

Download the agent blob file

Dialogflow CX vs RASA NLU

Why I prefer Dialogflow ES to RASA NLU ✅

Designing Conversations as a State Machine ✅

Slot Filling ✅

Candidate Intents ✅

When your conversation goes off track ✅

Decision Tree Chatbots ✅

Are state machines inherently bad? ✅

Which bot framework is best for non-programmers? ✅

3 skills which can help you build better chatbots ✅