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I am migrating my courses from Teachable to LearnDash. I plan to complete migrating all the materials by 15th March 2023.

This means all my courses which used to be on the URL will now be moved to this website. See the list of courses here (remember: I am still migrating some of the courses).

Use coupon code MIGRATIONDISCOUNT at checkout to get 60% off all my courses until I complete this migration


It is a combination of reasons.

First, it keeps everything in one place and lets me focus on a single website.

Second, there is now a Search box on my website which can search through ALL my lessons, including the text associated with the lesson (if any), the title of the video, and course name etc. This is not possible on Teachable.

Third, since the lesson descriptions will now become searchable, I will also be adding more supplementary material into the lessons (e.g. lesson description, links to other relevant material etc) to make the material easier to search and browse.

Fourth, when I combine text and Python code in a tutorial (see this example), LearnDash – which just uses the WordPress editor – is far better than Teachable and allows me to create long form text tutorials much faster. Long form text tutorials are very hard to create using the Teachable text editor.

The actual layout is similar, so from the student perspective, there will not be much difference.


If you have already purchased a course

If you have already purchased a course from the Teachable website then you have two options.

a) If you are not interested in creating a new account and migrating, complete watching all the lessons before I migrate all the courses

b) If you are interested in migrating, create an account on this website by enrolling in a free course and send me an email and I will manually complete enrollment. In other words, people who have already paid for the courses will be grandfathered in without any additional payment

While you are welcome to get in touch right away, I will do the actual manual enrollment only after 15th March 2023 so I don’t confuse myself 🙂 For now, I will add the enrollment task into a to do list and send you an email in mid-March 2023.

After 15th Mar 2023, everything on the Teachable website will be deleted