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This bundle includes all my paid Dialogflow courses.

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Generative Dialogflow CX

Note: this course is still under development as of May 2024. Instead of purchasing a not-fully-completed course, you can get early access to the existing material by providing a testimonial for the Learn Dialogflow CX course. This course builds on my Learn Dialogflow CX course. So I recommend going through the Learn Dialogflow CX course…

Dialogflow ES for Non-Programmers

This course is useful for non-programmers who are trying to learn Dialogflow ES. First, we discuss the reasons to choose Dialogflow as your chatbot framework. The chapter “Intro to Dialogflow ES for Non Programmers” explains the basic building blocks of Dialogflow ES. The chapter “Dissecting Dialogflow Intent Mapping” explains how intent mapping works. The chapter…

Programming Dialogflow ES

There are three important concepts all programmers should learn about Dialogflow ES. You can use webhooks to add business logic to your Dialogflow ES agent, you can use Dialogflow’s REST API to extend your ES agent (for example by building a custom integration), and you need to understand how Dialogflow Sessions work so you understand…

Learn Dialogflow CX

If you provide a testimonial for this course within a week of your date of enrollment, I will also enroll you into the Generative Dialogflow CX course for free. This course will help you learn Dialogflow CX in depth. Unlike the online documentation, this course follows a systematic syllabus. If you learn the chapters in…

Dialogflow ES Messenger for Non-Programmers

This course explains the basics of building Dialogflow ES Messenger bots. While there is a small amount of code in this course (Python webhook for rich responses), the Dialogflow ES Messenger integration does not require much more than basic HTML skills and is fairly straight-forward for non-programmers after they watch the vides in this course.

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