Convert CSV file to Dialogflow agent ZIP file

You can use the BotFlo app to bulk upload intents to Dialogflow.

First, make sure you create the CSV file in the correct format.

Right now, only the basic 4 column format (see video below “Step 1: Prepare the CSV file”) is supported – I will be adding more complex CSV input formats over the coming weeks.

Click below to download a sample 4 column CSV file which you can modify for your own use case – make sure you leave the column headers intact, and remember to follow all the suggestions for the “Prepare the CSV file” video.

Sample 4 Column CSV file

On the BotFlo app, click on the top right button and login using your Google account.

Once logged in, click on the CSV2ZIP on the menu.

Choose your bot language. The language defaults to English, and you can change it using the dropdownlist.

Select your CSV file from your local computer using the Browse.. button. Until you select an appropriate file, the blue Upload File button will be disabled.

Now click on the blue Upload File button.

If there are no errors in your CSV file, you should see a message that your Input is OK with a green check mark. Only if the CSV file is in the correct format, you will see the Convert button.

You can now click on the Convert button, and you will be able to download your agent ZIP file in a few seconds.

You can then go to the Dialogflow console and use the Restore ZIP functionality, and your Dialogflow agent will be ready.

Note: you can only convert the first 10 lines of your CSV file using the free BotFlo account. If you would like to convert your entire CSV file, you need to upgrade to the paid plan.

Video walkthrough

Here are some video walkthroughs explaining the whole process.

Step 1 Prepare the CSV file

Step 2 Convert CSV into Dialogflow agent ZIP file

Step 3 Import the ZIP file produced by BotFlo app into Dialogflow to create your agent

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