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Dialogflow Conversation Analytics Tips

Before you go any further, first enable StackDriver logging. The ability to do conversation analytics in Dialogflow is directly tied to the accuracy of your bot’s intent mapping. (Here is an article which talks about measuring your Dialogflow bot’s accuracy). With all this in mind, here are some tips for doing conversation analytics in Dialogflow….

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Course Discounts

I am planning to have substantial discounts on my courses and other products for Thanksgiving 2020. If you are interested in getting email notifications, please sign up to my MBD Deals on Gumroad. You will only get the discount email if you sign up Also, the only folks who will get discount emails are those…

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Dialogflow Quickstart Templates

Quickstart templates are small (micro) bots which are designed for a very specific task. There are three parts (files) in these templates usually – a video demonstrating what the bot does, a video demonstrating how to build the bot, as well as the agent ZIP file for the bot. This way, you can download the…