Website Name Change

I have changed the name of this website from Mining Business Data to BotFlo. I am offering a 70% off discount on my Dialogflow CX course (till April 15th 2021) for people who can help me spread the word about my new website.

There are two ways to build your bot on a budget.

One is to spend less money, and the other is to spend less time.

In my view, a lot of people who build Dialogflow bots spend way too much time on the process. This is because they often don’t know Dialogflow’s full capabilities and the power of automation when it comes to building and maintaining a Dialogflow bot. What if you could dramatically speed up your bot building process?

In my new course, I will show you how you can 10X your Dialogflow bot development speed. And the course is free.

  • How to quickly build Dialogflow FAQ Bots
  • How to quickly build complex Dialogflow bots
  • How to easily debug your Dialogflow bot
  • How to make your bot (nearly) fail-proof
  • When to use Dialogflow CX

Coming Dec 15th …