Automatically generate Dialogflow quiz bot for Zoho SalesIQ

Using the BotFlo app, you can convert a CSV file specified in the expected format into a Dialogflow quiz bot (which can be used inside the Zoho SalesIQ live chat integration).

In this article, I explain how to do it.


Here is what the output looks like


How to convert the CSV file into an agent ZIP file.

Download a copy of the Airtable base

You don’t have to create the CSV file from scratch. Downloading a copy of my Airtable table is less error prone.

First, sign up for Airtable.

And then download the CSV from here.

CSV file format

The video below explains the CSV format you should use for the conversion.

Under the hood

If you would like to know what happens during the conversion process, you can watch the video below.

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