Autoformatted Transcripts

You see many video transcripts on this website.

Most of them are autogenerated – either I used the YouTube API or Google Cloud Video Intelligence API to get the transcript, using a custom Python script.

Here are some ways to use the transcript.

Minute markers

You will see that the transcripts have many “minute markers” – these are additional information I have added into the transcript in the format [m0], [m1] etc which means the words surrounding these minute markers appear at minute 0, minute 1 etc in the video.

You can do a simple search within the page and find these minute markers, to see what is being discussed at a specific place in the video.


I use blockquotes to break the wall of text. This makes the transcript more readable.

The blockquotes are inserted at random, but I added some logic in the Python script to make sure blockquotes are used for longer sentences.

Search across video transcripts

Use the search box on the right sidebar to search for all the posts which have video transcripts.