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App question: how to add follow up intents using the Bot Generator app?

I received this question from a Dialogflow Bot Generators app buyer recently:

There are a few reasons I don’t have a way to add follow up intents in the tool.

Should you use follow up intents?

In my view, it is probably a good idea to avoid using follow up intents. To see why, I recommend taking a look at my course on building better bots. (Specifically lessons 1 and 2).

Even if you were to use follow up intents, I would suggest using a context lifespan of 1 on the parent intent.

Hierarchy vs flat structure

If you look at a description of the CSV file structure for generating a bot, you will notice that it is a flat structure.

If you wish to add inherently hierarchical follow up intents, you have to simulate hierarchy within the flat structure. While this can be done, it will be a somewhat confusing user experience for people who only need the flat hierarchy.

What problem are you solving using follow up intents?

The final reason why I haven’t added follow up intents into the bot generator app is that it is possible to create entirely different types of bot generator apps to handle the specific type of bot you are making. As an example, if you are creating some kind of decision tree bot, it makes more sense to structure the CSV file differently and not use the same CSV structure as the FAQ bot generator. (I am working on such a bot generator and hope to release it soon).

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"The magic key I needed as a non-programmer"

The custom payload generator was the magic key I needed (as a non-programmer) to build a good demo with rich responses in DialogFlow Messenger. I've only used it for 30 minutes and am thrilled. I've spent hours trying to figure out some of the intricacies of DialogFlow on my own. Over and over, I kept coming back to Aravind's tutorials available on-line. I trust the other functionalities I learn to use in the app will save me additional time and heartburn.

- Kathleen R
Cofounder, gathrHealth
In this free course, I provide some tips for managing large Dialogflow ES bots without compromising on accuracy.

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