01 Will Vertex AI Agents make Dialogflow obsolete?

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You can see even in the documentation that Vertex AI Agent Builder and Dialogflow now shares some common introductory tutorials.

Will Vertex AI Agent Builder replace Dialogflow?

Obviously I don’t have any special insight into this, but it does look like Google is trying to move in that direction.

Will Gemini be the default option for people building Dialogflow bots (in other words, will they just ignore intents, entities, flows, scope etc)?

Will chatbot creators just use Large Language Models from start to end to build out their bots?

The purpose of Dialogflow (and other chatbot frameworks) is to answer people’s questions, and the purpose is not to have a long or structured conversation. Before LLMs came on the scene, the most reasonable way to answer people’s questions fully was to build conversations to guide them to the complete answer.

But if your user can get their questions answered in summary form without requiring to ask more follow up questions, that is the best outcome for them.

I mention this, because on the one hand there are some niche use cases where Dialogflow CX will still be a better choice than building a generative chatbot (for example an agent which makes heavy use of user defined entities), but for the most part LLMs are better suited for question answering.

In that sense, yes, I do think Vertex AI Agent Builder will make a significant percentage of Dialogflow bots obsolete.

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I have now changed my focus to Vertex AI Search, which I think is a natural evolution from chatbots.


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